Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Here is some simple and effective leash training puppy advice that will go a long way in making walks an enjoyable and fun activity.

Crate training puppies is a beneficial first step before introducing a leash. Then teach your puppy to sit and stay. It will not be long before the leash is associated with going outside for a walk or a run. Puppies tend to get excited once the leash is present. Allow them to get their pent up energy out before attaching the leash to the collar.

Leash training puppy routines need to be established immediately. After attaching the leash while your puppy is sitting, start walking around the house so she can get a feel for being restricted in this manner. If pulling or biting, in their excitement occurs, stop immediately. Remain still and calm until your puppy quiets down. Stop puppy biting techniques may also be helpful. Then try again. When your puppy does what is expected, reward with praise and affection.
Once you are able to transition outside to the yard and then the neighborhood it is important to keep the “leash Rules” in place at all times. There are a lot more distractions outside. If your puppy does not follow the “rules” that you have established the fun is over.
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